About Us


A sweet story – 

At 9.30 pm on a Sunday night, a kid stepped in with an empty can of sugar-free pellets expecting to get it from us for his Mom.

We called up the nearest pharmacy and asked them to deliver it to us. Interestingly the condition for delivery was a minimum bill amount, hence after adding up a few more medicines for our users and standing up to the criteria we placed the order.

The kid was asked to wait and the sugar-free was given to him.

A glimpse of our approach towards healthcare.

We also offer uncomplicated medical diagnostics wrapped in care.

Based out of Hyderabad, markhealth.com is a complete e-commerce solution for medical diagnostics committed to serving in the most effective way thereby eradicating redundancies in structure and processes.

‘Medical Diagnostics Accuracy Accelerated and Made Accessible at Affordable Prices.'

Evaluating and enforcing the latter part of the blend of health’ care’, Mark came into being to serve humankind with integrity and empathy. The unhealthy phase of human lives is the phase where Mark tries to be a supportive asset and a catalyst to being healthy again.

Mark Diagnostics is a unique healthcare diagnostics laboratory with an array of more than 2000 types of tests in varied departments of medical diagnostics aided by an e-commerce platform, markhealth.com.

Mark Diagnostics and markhealth.com is a unique amalgamation of high-end automation underpinned by the manual due diligence of the Doctors and served on a hassle-free platform of e-commerce. Mark Diagnostics is the heart of prudent healthcare diagnostics while markhealth.com is the face of the future of the way of getting diagnosed.


Mark Diagnostics – 

Established in 2017 in the biggest diagnostics hub of Hyderabad, Manikonda with a prime objective to be the processing hub and maintain the value chain for markhealth.com. In the state-of-the-art Laboratory set up with Fully Automated Equipment completely networked and integrated into the main process flow. 

Luxe Labs –

The concept of delivering an impeccable experience right from the superlative customer interaction to a plush ambiance, Mark Diagnostics Centres follow the concept of Luxe lab (Luxury Labs)


The emphasis is on the dynamic yet soothing luxury aura for the ailing body, by interacting and being on the floor of Mark. Hence Mark’s patient interaction area is not less than 800-1000 sft in any of its branches. Hence for the sick body, both of which led us to be in Hyderabad’s Top 25 Diagnostics labs in terms of infrastructure and competency within the first 17 months of its inception.

Mark offers more than 3000 Tests types which is the biggest portfolio of tests matched to none in the industry in Hyderabad.


Under the technical competence of Dr. Nida Shamim, the medical director of Diagnostics achieved the NABL (ISO 15189-2012) accreditation in the first attempt within the initial 8 months of operation.


The Founder and Director, Fazal Khan envisioned the paradigm shift in the Medical Diagnostics of the organization, to offer exceptional customer service to the patients directly and NOT route the business through the influencers. Consequently, year on year Mark caters to 62.8% of repeat Patients and 93.4% of self-referred Patients. 


Markhealth.com – A unique platform and premium secured domain that is designed to facilitate healthcare in the most accessible times of human life. Constructed to make the procedure of getting medically tested as frugal as online shopping for consumer durables. At a single interface, the user can access the receipt as well as the reports in the fastest TAT of 3 Hrs with status updates on the stage of completion on his mobile. His medical history is also maintained in his portfolio of markhealth.com accessible to him at all times in the form of website and Apps.


Let’s take a step toward wellness