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At 9.30 pm on a Sunday night a kid stepped in with an empty can of sugar-free pellets expecting to get it from us for his Mom.

We called up the nearest pharmacy and asked them to deliver it to us. Interestingly the condition for delivery was a minimum bill amount, hence after adding up few more medicines for our usage and to stand up to the criteria we placed the order.

The kid was asked to wait and the sugar-free given to him.

A glimpse of our approach towards healthcare.

We also offer uncomplicated medical diagnostics wrapped in care.

Based out of Hyderabad, markhealth.com is a complete e commerce solution for medical diagnostics committed to serve in the most effective way thereby eradicating redundancies in structure and processes.

We understand that we are dealing with more sensitive phase of human lives and thus try to be prudent and careful while serving rather than cater to them in a more usual manner

markhealth.com is an end to end ecommerce healthcare solution where you can book and check out your required medical diagnostics’ tests and scans which are processed in house at our Laboratory.

Mark in its own way –

  • Third person – no one likes a third person in a close relationship. markhealth.com lets you book the tests online and Mark Diagnostics processes it for you.
  • Accountability - we are here to take the accountability for the reports given to you.
  • Reasonable - Being direct with you lets us provide you with the most reasonable prices in market.

Will serve till we hear ‘about us’ from you.

Take Care.

Fazal Khan, MD

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